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Fraction magnets used for math classFraction magnets used for math class

Magnetic fraction tiles for 3rd grade/ 4th grade/ 5th gradeMagnetic fraction tiles for 3rd grade/ 4th grade/ 5th grade

Magnetic fraction circles for students in classroom/ home school/ elementary school Magnetic fraction circles for students in classroom/ home school/ elementary school

Fraction tools for teachers to present on the whiteboard.Fraction tools for teachers to present on the whiteboard.


This fraction manipulative is visualized and helps students get to understand fractions concepts easily.


Great Math tool for manipulative. Concrete models are a great way to build understanding.

Color Coded

The color coded pieces help kids making comparisons and understanding Part – Whole concepts.

Magnetic fraction bars for learning decimal & fractionMagnetic fraction bars for learning decimal & fraction

Fractions and decimals manipulativesFractions and decimals manipulatives

Math fractions for parents to teach their kidsMath fractions for parents to teach their kids

Magnetic fraction strips for countingMagnetic fraction strips for counting

12 whole magnetic circles + 12 whole magnetic tiles. Total 156pcs of magnetic segments with fraction numbers on.

Materials: Laminated surface + EVA foam + Thick magnets – Easy to grab.

Great Math Manipulative – Cover all fractions from 1 to 1/12. Even 1/7 & 1/11 have been included. Developing Multiplication & Counting skill for elementary students.

Gift Box Packing – Suggest reusing the box for organization and storage.

Teaching aids -- Magnetic Fraction for classroomTeaching aids -- Magnetic Fraction for classroom

We use fractions every day in our real life. Fractions are important because they tell you what portion of a whole you need, have, or want. Fractions are also used in telling time; each minute is a fraction of the hour.

It is important that a child feels comfortable and confident in his understanding of fractions because it is a building block for other math skills, and because a successful experience of learning a new concept will help your child gain confidence in his ability to learn.

Fractions instruction extends across grades 3 through 6. It is significant that find an effective way to learn it well during these periods. This magnetic fraction set includes both circles and tiles. It helps to understand fraction concept, equivalents, simple fraction, improper fraction, comparisons.

ZazzyKid LogoZazzyKid Logo

Zazzykid is an educational resources company that combines design & production.

Zazzykid’s founder is the mother of a boy. Like most mothers, she greeted her child with simple expectations and gratitude, but with a strong desire to help her child through the formative early learning years pre- and beginning school.

ZazzyKid is committed to bringing safe, high quality learning tools to parents and children worldwide. Our toys and educational tools help children learn basic life skills through teaching as well as play. ZazzyKid products make learning fun and easy, and provide an easy way for parents, and teachers, to actively engage in the learning process with their children.

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This product contains:

12 whole magnetic tiles – each measures 8.5 x 1.2 inches

12 magnetic circles – each measures 5 inches Dia.

1 gift box

How to help with fractions?

When children experience difficulty in math it often begins when they are introduced to fractions. Before fractions, children have only known counting numbers and the one-to-one relationship between these numbers and the set of objects the number represents. The difficulty can arise when the students need to think about rational numbers in a different way.

ZazzyKid Magnetic Fraction Set helps kids learn fractions in an easier way. It is a good teaching aid for developing Multiplication & Counting skill. Use these tips to help answer questions they might have about fractions: think about sharing equally. The numerator is the number of the top. The denominator is the number of the bottom (memory tip: d is for denominator, d is for down – at the bottom. Like with all math, experiencing the concept is the best for learning. Use objects and share them. Pizza is always popular. Discuss fractions with your child whenever you come across a “real life” example. Sporting events, newspaper articles and hardware stores are all good sources.

Hope you enjoy using this ZazzyKid Magnetic Fraction Set and have fun & benefits with it.

12 whole magnetic tiles – each measures 8.5 x 1.2 inches; 12 magnetic circles – each measures 5 inches Dia.
Both tiles and circles contain 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10, 1/11 and 1/12, total 156pcs of magnetic segments with numbers on. 12 colors, each color identifies a different fraction.
Great Math Manipulatives: help students to visualize fraction and learn Multiplication & Counting.
Safe and Durable Material – Thick magnet backing, easy for educational demonstration on whiteboard or magnetic chalkboard, or for kids to manipulate and self-study.
Ideal for grade 2-5.

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