Second Grade Big Workbook Ages 7 – 8: All Subjects including 220+ Activities, Spelling and Reading, English, Addition and Subtraction, Math, Telling Time (Gold Stars Series)



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Your 2nd grade child will have a blast developing skills in all subjects with the Gold Stars Second Grade BIG Workbook for ages 7 to 8. Features included:

  • English: Spelling, silent letters, writing, reading, and more.
  • Math: Odds and evens, adding and subtracting large numbers, and more.
  • The exercises progress throughout the book, which helps children grasp new concepts and strengthen existing ones.
  • Games and activities: More than 220 colorful illustrations and fun activities will help your child further develop and retain learned skills.
  • Educational and fun: Watch your 2nd grader light up as they explore a second grade workbook that transforms games they’ll love into lots of learning.
  • Colorful and Illustrated: Bright and friendly illustrations make this second grade workbook encouraging and fun for young learners.
  • Perfect for Second Graders: Your second grader will learn about developmentally appropriate subjects, like spelling, reading, English, solving math problems, and more.
  • High Quality with a Sturdy Binding for a Great Price!
  • Parents Tips and Tricks: Parents will find helpful notes in guiding each lesson and an answer key at the back of the book.

Loved by kids, trusted by parents, and developed by teachers, Gold Stars Second Grade Big Workbook is a year-round way to make learning fun.

From the Publisher

comprehensive curriculum of basic skillscomprehensive curriculum of basic skills

2nd grade worksheets2nd grade worksheets

activity book 2nd gradeactivity book 2nd grade

grade 2 workbooks all subjectsgrade 2 workbooks all subjects

Gold Stars Workbooks

Developed by expert teachers and educational consultants to support school learning. Parents can help the child learn through enjoyable activities while encouraging learning. Gold Stars Second Grade Big Workbook will teach your child spelling, reading, English, counting, addition, subtraction, telling the

time, and math. With more than 220 fun activities, your child will stay engaged and entertained.

The journey of learning can continue with Gold Stars Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade Workbooks.
















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