5th Grade Math Learning Palette Algebra Concepts



Price: $9.99
(as of Sep 17,2021 19:47:55 UTC – Details)

Algebra Concepts giving students practice and conceptual understanding of critical Algebra concepts including, determining rules to find missing numbers, understanding numeric representations of statements, solving for unknowns with multiplication and division, using given information to find the value of shapes and other forms of unknowns commonly used in Algebra problems.

FUN LEARNING FOR YOUTH: Learning Wrap-Ups presents the 5th Grade Math Learning Palette which includes 144 challenges with 12 challenges on each of the 12 cards.
COVERED CONCEPTS: This set of Learning Palette cards provides practice with algebra concepts including determining rules to find missing numbers & understanding numeric representations of statements.
UNIQUE WAY TO LEARN: With a variety of palette cards to choose from, Learning Palettes are a versatile learning tool for students of all ages & can help kids learn new and old subjects over the years.
PRACTICE ADDS UP: Learning palettes allow every child to get involved in the learning process, giving boys and girls an opportunity to improve their skills and practice what they have learned.
DYNAMIC EDUCATION: This tool is a self-correcting, multisensory, and fun way to learn, providing immediate feedback for instructors. Children, parents, and teachers alike love this teaching activity.

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